Since its inception, the author had hoped that THE ADVENTURES OF BUDDY WILLIAMS series, including Book I: SummerWild, would be both entertaining and educational. For this reason, it seemed appropriate to create unique and inclusive study guides that would not only support understanding and enjoyment of the novels, but would also help students to identify the “big ideas” and to consider them in their own contexts.

This SummerWild Student Study Guide leads students on a chapter-by-chapter exploration of the novel, where they engage in activities that enhance their reading (viewing), writing (representing) and comprehension skill sets. As a whole, the guide focuses on developing key strategies, including questioning, visualizing, making inferences, making connections, and drawing conclusions. But, because no two chapters in the novel are the same, no two chapters of this study guide are identical either. Instead, each chapter of the guide is tailored to a corresponding portion of the novel, eliciting comparison, contrast, analysis, or personal connections where most suitable.

Questions and activities involving vocabulary/diction, syntax and sentence fluency, narrative elements, and literary devices (figurative language) provide something that touches many literacy bases. Used in conjunction with the novel, the SummerWild Student Study Guide should enable teachers and parents to help students meet a great number of prescribed learning outcomes and performance standards. A thorough Teacher /Parent Key is also provided so that educators may assess student progress, or so that keen independent students may self-check as they advance.

Before starting or upon completion of this study guide, look for more pre-reading, follow-up, and extension activities and lessons connected to English Language Arts, Science, History, Environmentalism, Health, Psychology, Digital Literacy, and Global Citizenship on the SummerWild website: